I love to design for people beyond the screens.
Since I was little, I have liked people. I wanted to understand them. I was curious how people take my words. I wanted to know how people understand my design. After graduating from college studying graphic design, I wanted to interact with a larger group of people through my design. That’s why I entered the world of digital products.

I enjoy and thrive when working with cross-functional team where colleagues with diverse background and capabilities work together. I believe the greatest benefit of a great company is great colleagues, and it is important to me to be a fun and reliable colleague.
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What my colleagues say about me
Sunyoung Hwang
Product Manager at Remember
Young thinks a lot from the user's point of view, helping me approach the users with better understanding.
Discussions with her have always been opportunities to develop our product in more user-friendly ways.
Jisun Moon
Product Designer at Remember
Young had many good UX insights, so she always gave me excellent feedback on the daily scrum and weekly design team meetings.

I was impressed by her for actively sharing her learnings from her Crew to the design team. Thanks to her positive vibe, the design team was able to build good teamwork and grow together.
Yoonsun Nam
Procduct Owner at Remember
Young doesn't just work based on requirements. She has an excellent attitude to try to understand our service and the tasks and work on history of our product.
It was also impressive that she worked with lots of affection for our service.
Doyoung Yeum
iOS Engineer at Remember
What I liked most about Young is that she is passionate about our product and craving for the product’s success.

I remember when she first joined the team. She overcame the initial struggle to onboard and then excelled to drive the growth of Remember Community.
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