UX Design Internship at Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Intelligent Home team
(15 XFN team members)
UX Design Intern
May - Aug, 2022
(14 weeks)
Jennifer Yuchi
‍Dania Abdulhamid
Yuseong Kim

Interned in the Google Analytics team in Mountain View as a UX Design Intern from May to August. Worked with a multi-functional team with a PM, and 12 engineers. Developed Intelligent Home, the landing page of the Google Analytics. My projects are planned for shipment in 2Q 2023.  

Details about the projects are under NDA.

My Impact
  • Set solid goals for the project by defining the core problems
  • Made a consensus with a multi-functional team for the final design by persuading my design and discussing feasibility
  • Conducted user testing from planning to moderating to Synthesizing insights
  • Covered website and mobile app and created 22 illustrations
  • Delivered the final deliverables, including design patterns, detailed specs, and accessibility guide
Additional Contribution

Joined GA Vision Summit as a facilitator and helped remote teammates to participate in the workshop smoothly. Acknowledged by the team with spot bonus.

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