Allowing viewers to immerse in virtual reality

VR Task-force @FXGear
UI design
Interaction design
2016 - 2018

NOON VR app is a tailored VR content platform for its headset, providing an immersive experience

This app was initially developed in 2015 as the official app for the NOON VR headset. The app sat at the core of the NOON’s virtual reality experience with its features: full-HD video play and real-time streaming, patented VR rendering engines, and advanced head tracking technology. The app was provided exclusively to the NOON VR headset customers.

my Impact
  • Improved the interface of moible applications(iOS/AOS) and headset
  • Enhanced user experience by creating seamless navigation
  • Conducted user interview and user testing
  • Designed the logo, web pages, and created editorials including pamphlets and posters
UX Design Internship at Google Analytics