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Improving user’s initial experience of every visit and helping users find an interesting post within three scrolls

Contents Crew @Remember
Sr. Product designer
May 2021

Remember launched Community early 2020 and altered the main page several times.

Remember holds an unrivaled top position in business contact management solutions in Korea, having more than 4 million users. With such a strong foundation, Remember launched Community service in early 2020 as an additional feature in the app, encouraging the users to share their ideas and thoughts. It started with several sub-communities according to industry and function. As the Community users increased, the team at Remember was adding interest-based communities and diverse functions.


Users were reading too few posts. We wanted to understand why by putting on user's shoes


11 team members spent an hour using the service, and wrote down problems and ideas

Spreadsheet detailing every team member's idea came from dogfooding

From dogfooding sessions, we found out the biggest problem was the way posts are shown on main page

The Community’s value is in allowing diverse professionals to freely share their ideas and grow with each other.


To solve troubles in their career with tips and insights from fellow business people


To inspire users to read more on the Community platform

What is the problem of main page?

Not looking very active

As the new posts are spread across different communities, users often feel that there are not enough new posts to explore with.

Difficult to navigate across communities

Users have to go back to the main page to visit another community every time.

Showing titles of the post only

The users found it hard to find interesting posts to read with the titles, while in many cases titles do not reflect how interesting or insightful the posts and comments are.

No immediate approach to write a post

Users have to go back to the main page to visit another community every time.

Turning the main page into a feed will make the Community look lively, easy to navigate, and easy to write posts.
Hypothesis and strategy

With the addition of Community Tabs at the top, communities are now easier to move between. Tabs with minimum height and horizontal scroll menu encourage users to spend most of their time on the main page where they can read posts from diverse communities.

Putting the first handful of new posts above the Most Popular posts allowed us to shift the focus on new posts. Most Popular posts are selected every three days so showing new posts first will make visitors to feel that the community is lively. Users can still easily access the Most Popular section with just one scroll.

Community Tabs are displayed as a horizontal scroll menu. They occupy a little space, but easily seen as it is on the top of the screen.

When users visit the Community, the first three new posts are displayed here. By showing new posts before Most Popular posts, users will see new posts almost every time they visit the Community.

Previously, Most Popular posts were on the top area, and those were updated every 3 days. When users visit several times during that 3 days, they saw the exact same Most Popular posts, and it made users think this community is not active.

Most Popular section is showing as the fourth feed on the list. This area is mainly for new users to easily find and read interesting articles on the Community, so that they can become returning users. New users can catch it within just one scroll, and we hope that they will not leave without reading any post.

I changed the layout to display photos in the feed so that users can take a quick glance without clicking the post. It will make the list more interesting and dynamic, and allow users to keep scrolling through the list. Previously, the photos attached in the posts were not displayed like this, only the first photo displayed in very small-sized box.

I placed a floating Write button on the main page. Previously, users had to go to each community page to write a post. Placing the button on the main page, accessible at anytime during scrolling would increase the number of posts.


Users are interacting with more diverse posts and their retention rate is increased

Before the new feed design, users mainly interacted with the Most Popular articles (xx% of user's interaction), but now they are engaging more with the new posts (yy% of interaction), making the Community feel more lively and active.

Such livelihood contributed to a higher net retention rate of new users. New user's revisit rate in 7 days increased by 50%. (17% → 25%)


Changing how to show posts changed user’s behavior in the Community

We successfully changed the user's behavior to be more lively by re-designing how we show posts. Previously, users focused on Most Popular posts. However, after this task users are more focusing on new posts. The number of views of the new posts has increased, and the user's engagement to the new posts has increased with faster reactions. The community has become more active.

As users consume more contents faster, we need a follow-up solution to facilitate more contents creation

This new layout allowed users to take a glance at interesting posts quickly, and made users to read more posts faster than before. After placing the Write button on the main page, the number of posts has increased slightly, but we still need more posts to meet users’ demand for more interesting posts. We set out a next step to improve user’s experience to find ways for users to create contents more.

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