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Dec 2020
Sr. Product designer
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Yoonsun Nam

Improving the experience of both sharing posts and reading shared posts of Remember Community to remove friction and allow the spread of valuable knowledge to more people


Remember helps 4 million Korean professionals manage their business relationships and share valuable knowledge, and get new opportunities


We hadn’t offered sharing feature, and made it quickly without sophisticated process. So we could get some datas from loggers through user’s flow.

Problem space

Sharing functionality fell short of users’ needs for sharing

As more professionals share their thoughts and know-how on work and life in Community, insightful posts and comments started to attract attention. Users wanted to share them but the current Share function was not sufficient for their needs. Only 0.5% of users who read a post clicked Share button, and 5% of those who clicked the shared links reached the shared posts.

Voice of Customer

Also users complained about sharing posts and reading shared posts from Remember Cummunity.

Sharing is the key feature in delivering the value proposition of Remember Community, allowing the spread of valuable knowledge to more people.


Goals for users and the product were set respectively to solve user problems while simultaneously meeting business needs

Share their favorite posts with others and to read the shared posts easily
Product Goal
Further promote the service and its value by spreading the words with share-worthy posts

Task 1. Sharing posts

User journey review

Share icon was not easily noticeable and in the wrong location

strategy & hypothesis

I formulated three hypotheses about the sharing experience and overall user engagement, followed by strategies and design solutions for each hypothesis


We believe the value of the Remember Community’s posts lies in the comments. The share button should be reachable while users are reading comments and posts.


I explored various alternative designs of the Share component

Multiple iterations of design were developed in the process to find the appropriate layout and style that can accommodate all the above solutions.

Final design

The share button is fixed at the bottom with a set of reactions, so users can access them at any time


New design allowed users to share posts more easily and to engage more

‘Share’ is now easier to identify and use, allowing users to share more. The percentage of users sharing a post after reading one increased by 1.9x.

With the integration of engagement actions into one component, Likes per post increased by 1.7x as well.

Task 2. Reading shared posts

User journey review

Login wall and additional sign-up process make users give up reading shared posts

The fact that the user cannot access the shared post with one click provokes negative feelings from the beginning of their experience with Remember Community. Shared posts are exceptionally valuable as the Community members are voluntarily spreading the words for the Community, and its experience has to be easy and smooth.

Product strategies & hypothesis

Allowing users to access shared posts directly will help promote Remember Community better

Community’s policy focused on bringing in more users from the shared posts by asking visitors to sign up right away. However, such a policy and long sign-up process prohibited easy access to the shared pages and a lot of visitors gave up before actually reading the posts. The team decided to switch gears to focus on spreading the knowledge and insights to promote the Community’s value. As people read more insightful posts from the Community, they will get interested in Remember Community, and will naturally join as new users.


Prioritize spreading the Remember Community's value by allowing unrestricted access to shared posts, rather than increasing user accounts

FInal User flow

Removed all the permissions to read shared posts to focus on promoting the Community's value


Users can now visit shared pages with just one click without any friction

The new user conversion funnel of shared links, which created a negative impression for new visitors who are meeting Remember Community for the first time, was improved. Those who have not known the Community can access the posts without any friction so that they can glimpse into the service. The checkpoint for new user sign up has been moved to the latter part when they try to hit Likes or leave comments. Asking visitors to sign up when they want to interact with the Community makes their experience more natural.

Improving sharing experience made users engagement higher


Taking action, collecting data points, and iterating quickly are the keys to get things done

As soon as the team decided that we needed Share function, we put the Share button quickly at the corner of the screen without sophisticated development. Such action allowed us to gather data on which we could build hypothesis and design strategy, eventually improving user experience. Such rapid execution and learning that followed guided the team toward the right direction. We could put our resources and energy to focus on the key problems.

Sharing design ideas with developers at every point  reduces resource wastage

From the beginning of design process, I shared my design ideas and plans with developers. Through discussion with developers and project manager on user experience, timeline, workload, and other diverse aspects of the projects, I could make the best design decisions. Sharing how the project is being designed with the team enabled everyone to align on the task that we were working on, and enabled myself to design just as much as it was needed.


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